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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cloudy Blue Sky Nails

I have been planning this nail art for a while, this is the first part of the look. This is the background for the upcoming nail stamping tutorial, so stay tuned.

For the cloudy blue sky I applied 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow and let it dry before I started mixing the acrylic paints. I used water based acrylic paint I got from the craft store in white and light blue, so I mixed the two colors until I got a sky blue color. And applied 2 coats on my nails, letting it dry after each application. Then I cut off  a piece of sponge and dotted it on my nails to get the cloud effect. And finished off the look with my Poshe fast drying topcoat. Then I just washed off the acrylic paint that got onto my skin and cuticles, no need for polish remover to remove water based acrylic paints.


So can you guess what I am working on??? Anyways I hope you liked this. Have a great week.

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