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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad wisdom tooth, nail stubs & noodles.

The day after Thanksgiving I I got the worst tooth ache in history, and normal pain killers didn't do s***.
Got an appointment to a dentist yesterday, and I have to say this dentist was really  nice. Wish I had him back in Norway, he was way better than all of them combined. Anyways, it was a bad wisdom tooth and it had a crack in it, so double bad. So here I am all doped up on some stronger pain killers he filled out a subscription for.

So needless to say I haven't done much nail stuff because of it, and looking down at my short nail stubs was just too depressing..... But finally today I did my nails.
Base color is OPI Die An Other Day (Bond collection), stamping polish Maybelline Bold Gold and I used Dashcia Big SdP T.

It''s a cold day today here in Utah, so I made a bow of my favorite noodles (Shin)  with an egg and topped with some chopped green onions. And I have some Bulgogi meats in marinade, that will be tonight's dinner.

Have a great weekend.

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