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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sad day.

Today I had hoped it was going to be a great day, do my nails and make a video of it.  I did that yesterday night and was looking forward to doing the editing of it and make a blog post. My 6 year old was sent to school and I went to bed for a little while longer until my soon 2 year old was due to wake up.
Of course when I get up I like to turn on the TV for the latest news. Today was a sad day to wake up to.
An other mad gunman went crazy, this time at an elementary school. So many young and innocent lives lost and so many families ruined forever. It's heartbreaking..... I have hugged my kids a lot today. And one of the thoughts that has hit me a lot today is that there will be a lot of gifts unopened under the tree on Christmas day and 20 families won't get to see that child's happy smiles and hear them laugh. Just heartbreaking......
My thoughts go to all of the families to whom lost their loved ones today.

Now on to the nail part.
My first Christmas nails this year.
Base is Zoya Delilah and Maybelline Bold Gold, then for the stamping I used Bold Gold and Dashica's Jade green. The images I used are both from Dashica SdP 6 & 83, then I added some small red dots with a toothpick on the images on my ring finger. Recording the video was a pain, I need a new battery or new charger for my camcorder. So I had to use my Canon Powershot, and it has a hard time focusing......  So I apologize for the quality on the video. I am hoping to figure out if it's the battery or charger that needs a replacement.

Thank you for popping by and reading my little blog.

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