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Monday, January 21, 2013

Preview of new plate from Nailz Craze.

Natalie the sweet girl behind the NC plates has made a new plate. This one is called the Glam plate. It looks really nice and just screams GLAM and BLING.  I so have to add this plate to my collection.
If you are interested in buying any of the NC plates you can find them here:

Photo: Here's a first look at the NEW NC04 "Glam" plate! 
What do you think ladies? :)

Get the new plates here:

Oh, no there's an important notice from Natalie:

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please read:
Ladies, I have very bad news, I hope you will bare with me and be patient and understanding.
I'm currently reviewing the stock to see which plats are left and check them out for defects, and I discovered that I have unimaginable amount of defected plate. I know it's also my fault that I just put them out for sale before reviewing them all, but I've never had so many defected plates before. It looks like no one even checked them at the factory and just sent a bunch of badly made plates my way.
I wouldn't want to send bad or defected products to you, just as I wouldn't want to get them myself.
At the moment I have many orders that were already made but I don't have the plats to send to some of you.
I can't even start to describe haw bad I feel about this. I feel really guilty but mainly I feel bad for disappointing you. I know a lot of you have been expecting these plates for a long time, and now another wait will look like forever.
I hope you can understand this situation I'm in and know I will do my best to set things right as soon as possible. Most of the orders will be shipped in the next few days, but some of you will have to wait longer to get their plates, or accept a full refund for your purchase. I will be contacting those who made the last orders in the next 24 hours to let you know your options.
For now the store it closed until I figure out which plates are left.
Once again, I'm very sorry about this situation and I will do my best to solve this.
Thank you.

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