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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gumdrops, Nom nom!!

Here is a closer look at the Julie G's Gumdrop polish collection, they come in 6 pretty colors and they have a lot of glitter in them. It says on the bottle to not use topcoat over them to get that sand effect. It kinda feels like fine sandpaper, just way prettier. You can find these at your local RiteAid, but I got mine on a special via Groupon. I have to warn you, this post is picture heavy, and I also did a youtube vid to see how well these are to stamp over. These sand texture polishes are trendy right now next to the holographic polish trend. Zoya, China Glaze, OPI and Julie G all have their own collection. The ones from China Glaze I don't think have any glitters to them. I will be picking up the ones from OPI that are all named after Bond girls, I went to my nail supply store and he said he will get them in. I will do a swatch and stamping test on those too and blog and youtube about those too.

L2R: Tangerine Dream, Rock Candy, Sugar Rush, Blueberry Fizz, Hot Cinnamon & Crushed Candy

Crushed Candy, Hot Cinnamon & Blueberry Fizz.

Sugar Rush, Rock Candy & Tangerine Dream

Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush & Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

Sugar Rush

Rock Candy

Blueberry Fizz

Hot Cinnamon

Crushed Candy

Now onto the stamping test, I did this over Blueberry Fizz and tried using a dark navy blue to stamp with. But because of these polishes have  a lot of glitters in them it didn't show as well. So I swapped to black, I also noticed if  I used an image with some fine details to them they kinda drowned in the glitter.

Badtz-Maru on index finger & Betty Boop on far right,

I love these colors, all of them but Hot Cinnamon are great for spring & summer. But if you're not a fan of glitter polishes these won't be to your taste. And if you don't like the sandpaper feel but love to get these you can slab on some topcoat and they will have a smoother finish to them.
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