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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Closer Look At & Stamping Test on the Dashica Big SdP Z.

Here is the last new plate from Dashica in the Big series, Dashica Big SdP Z. I think this is the 3rd favorite of  the 4 new plates in this series.  But then it is kinda hard to pick a favorite, I like them all..... Most of these are full nail, but there are two pairs of funky French or half nail images. A couple of mirror images, and a few opposite images.

Here are the two videos about this plate, the first one is the Closer Look At video. The next Stamping Test video.
I normally don't like to use my stamping polishes to test my plates, but my Konad Black is starting to get a bit goopy. And it shows now and then in the video. Not sure if I want to get a new Black Konad polish, it is always a bloody mess to clean up. My cuticles and skin gets all stained when I remove it. When I do stamping and need to use a black one I use my Dashica Black stamping polish, that doesn't make as much mess as the Konad one. I love Konad White, but very mixed feelings about the Black one.

Left hand

Right Hand

Someone in AIS had this stunning lavender manicure, and I just wanted that polish she used. I found it at Walmart and did a little happy polish dance.... I know, it's silly but I don't care. So I decided to use it as base for this test, Sally Hansen Lacey Lavender. In the stamping test video it's kinda hard to see the images on the plate, I wanted to focus on the image on the stamper and on my nails. I hope you don't mind.

Hete is the direct link to this plate if you want to buy it:

My net 2 days are kinda busy, so it may take a couple of days or so before I get the Closer Look At Dashica Dash Set 2 up, and then the stamping test video of the set. But that will be the next videos, so stay tuned.  

As always thank you for stopping by and reading my posts and watching my videos.
Have a great day.

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