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Saturday, May 11, 2013

OPI Bond Collection part II, The Bond Girls

When OPI released the James Bond collection I knew I just had to add them to my collection, and I got all but The Man With The Golden Gun.
So when I saw they were going to release a Bond Girl collection, well then I just knew I just had to have those too. The Bond Girl collection is just 6 polishes and all of them are in the liquid sand formula. Compared to the Julie G Gumdrops these have a finer feel to them, and not as much glitter heavy as the Gumdrops. 5 of the colors are nice for spring and summer, Vesper is more for fall and winter.
Also I had to apply 3 coats on all of them, so that is the only minus with this collection. After the swatch pictures there will be some pictures of some of these polishes used as base for stamping, as test to see how they work as base polish for stamping. And so you're warned an other picture heavy post..... Let's take a closer look at these babes.... LOL... Sorry, I couldn't help it.

L-R:Solitaire, Jinx, Vesper, Honey Ryder, Pussy Galore & Tiffany Case.
Taken with flash

Under my LED craft light.

Swatch L-R: Solitaire, Jinx, Vesper, Honey Ryder, Pussy Galore & Tiffany Case.

Solitaire from Live and Let Die
When I applied Solitaire it reminded me of mother of pearl with silver glitter in it. When it dries it looks like white pearl to me. It's really stunning and delicate, so if you get a nice summer tan and wear this polish.... WOW. 

Jinx from Die an Other Day

Jinx a stunning orange glitter, one of the polishes in this collection that has the most glitters in it. I applied 3 coats. This one is the runner up of favorites in this collection, but I can't decide if I like this or Honey Ryder  more. They share the runner up spot, and if you can't get Jinx Sugar Rush from Julie G is a perfect dupe for it.

Jinx and random images from my new Winstonia plates.

Vesper from Casino Royale

Vesper is a very dark purple, and doesn't have glitter in it. I think it's too dark for spring and summer, more a fall and winter color. And even tho it's dark purple I had to apply 3 coats. Also Vesper is a bad girl, because she's a pain to get a good picture of. I snapped over 30 pictures and most of them look more blue or black than purple.

Some random images from Pueen Love Elements, the full nail images are a bit too small for my nails. So if I want to use these plates on my current nil length I have to do a French tip.

Honey Ryder from Dr. No
Dr. No was my first Bond movie, I remember it well. I was at a friends house and his step dad had all the Bond movies at the time. And asked us if we wanted to watch one with him, we we're 12 years old.  Honey Ryder is a stunning gold glitter, I think I have to get a backup for this one. No doubt one of my favorite golds. Even tho it's a liquid sand it looks very delicate on your nails. Because it's a light gold shade with gold glitters in it. If you go out to dinner and wear a black dress and have this polish on your nails, that will be a stunning date night look for sure.

Tiffany Case from Diamonds Are Forever

I think this one is my favorite in the collection, and this polish like Jinx has a lot of glitter in it. I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I was wearing this polish. I didn't think I would like this color on my nails, don't ask.... You know how it is, you have this in your mind that certain colors doesn't look good on you. For me that has been blue and yellow, and not only on polishes clothing in general....

So who's my favorite Bond? It used to Be Sean Connery, but I just love Daniel Craig's Bond. My favorite Bond movies??? Hmmm, Dr No and Skyfall I think. Favorite Bond movie song A View To A Kill by Duran Duran (it's my favorite band, so that one was easy.) My favorite Bond villain?? Oh, an other hard to pick.... Max Zorin I think, but the Christopher Walken plays those creepy guys really well. Bond girls? Well, I like them now since they get skills and brains. No longer the screaming no good in skimpy outfits..... 

And there you have it. Hope you liked this post and random Bond chit chat in the end.
Have a great day.

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