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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nail Mail and Closer Look At Dashica Big SdP W.

2 weeks ago I made an order from Dashica, but I knew they had a holiday there so Shirley wouldn't be able to ship it out until holiday was over. I got a msg from Shirley last week saying she had shipped my order out. Before it has taken 2 weeks to get from Netherlands to Salt Lake City, so I was shocked to see that I got a box from today.  It had been a bad day so far, the worst for allergies so far this spring. Also my dear 2 year old Grace decided to be a terror with a big T with way too many tantrum fits. I guess they don't call it the terrible two's for nothing.... LOL.

This order from Dashica wasn't as big as the ones I've made before, reason why is that there are other plates I wanted to get too like the Pueen ones. And there are more plates on my list, but I have to wait a bit.

I ordered the new Dash set, 5 Big SdP plates, 6 normal SdP plates and 2 single Dash plates. But Shirley had added 2 gifts for me a nail art brush set and the Big SdP W to review. I had already planned to review the new Big plates and the Dash set. And over the next days I'll be busy making videos and taking pictures of the plates and testing them. I'll do one for each of the new Big plates and the Dash set, so keep your eyes open for those posts and youtube videos.

My order.

The two gifts from Shirley.

I don't know how Shirley knew I needed to swap out some of my nail art brushes. Maybe she has super powers. 

First of let's take a closer look at this plate Dashica Big SdP W. When I saw this plate the first thought that hit my head was that it looks like a mini XL SdP plate. They have some full nail images and a bunch of individual images. I love the Big plates, there are so many pretty full nail images on these plates.  


So many cute images on this plate. Look at the dance party one... YAY.

lips, hearts oh my so many ideas for next year's Valentine's Day.

Next post will be about testing this plate, I'll try and get it done tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that tomorrow won't be as bad for my allergies as today was.
Thank you, Shirley for my two gifts. You truly made my day, love always.

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