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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stamping Test: FUN 10.

Here is the second stamping test of the FUN plates I got from Fab Ur Nails. This time I tested FUN 10 the  second Hello Kitty plate. There are so many awesome images of HK and her friends, like FUN 9 it's really hard to decide what image to use. They are all so cute, even the HK Batman is super cute.
I want to thank the sweet Johanne again for giving me these plates. Love, love, love, love them.....

So like I said there are so many cute Hello Kitty images on this plate. We had some thunder storms here today, so it wasn't so hot that I needed the A/C blasting. So there was no problems with polish drying too fast when I picked up the image with my stamper. I used Wet N Wild's Black Creme as stamping polish. Of all the images I tried today, I managed to get the whole image on all of them onto the stamper.... Yay!! Just amazed by the stamping quality of this plate, it's at the same level as my Dashica plates There are HK images in different sizes, I see some I can only fit on my thumb nail. And as FUN 9 there are some full nail images that are HK themed, and they are super cute too. After trying two FUN plates I have to say these are now my favorite brand next to Dashica. Can't really manage to pick one over the other. I still have two plates to test out, and can't wait to see the stamping quality on those. I totally get why so many that I know love these plates, and I will with no doubt get more of these plates. Yes, they cost like $ 18.00 so I know I have to save up to get more of them. I just have to cross my fingers that Johanne and Shirley won't release new plates at the same time so I can save up to get new plates from both of them. I can't wait to see what Johanne comes up with next on her plates.

Here's the links to where you can get this plate:


Ready to see some pictures of this awesome plate???

So many cute HK!!

Here's the FUN plate next to a Dashica Big plate.

It's much smaller but you still get a lot of images.


Closer look of left hand

Right hand.

Just love the HK cupcake

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