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Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Birth Stone Nails, AIS Sunday challenge.

It's been a few weeks since I did a AIS stamping challenge. I guess it was time to do one again.
The challenge for this week the color of your birth stone. My birthday is in August so my birth stone is Peridot. I was trying to figure out what to use as base for this one. I have light mint polishes, and 1 dark emerald green polish. So here I was trying to figure out what to do, and I started to think: I wish I had that Chanel polish Peridot. And then I went like DUUUH, Silje what the heck is wrong with you??? And got up and rushed to my polishes. And searched for this one polish I had forgotten all about.... You know the OPI dupe for Chanel Peridot, Just Spotted The Lizard from The Spiderman collection.

I cut my index finger on my left hand, the one I normally do tutorials and take pictures of. But I cut it so close to the cuticle that I knew if I got any acetone there it would stink like crazy. So I had to work on my right hand. Don't like doing that, I mess up more and taking pictures that are good enough to share is a pain in the neck. But I decided to try anyways. I applied 2 coats of Just Spotted The Lizard, and pulled out all my plates. I didn't want a full nail image, because that will just cover up this amazing polish too much. So I decided to use one of the plates in the last Dashica Dash set, Dash 34. I used the black stamping polish from Dashica, I like that way better than Konad's. Then I finished it all of with a coat of Out The Door top coat.

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard

youtube tutorial

On other note, we went to Costo and found these. They're so darn addictive, and way healthier than other snacks and sweets. So when you get that sweet tooth, these hit the spot for me. The yogurt is sweet, and the strawberry is tart and sweet. I can only do 3 of these at the most, normally two is enough for me. So if you like Greek yogurt and strawberries and have a Costco, look for these next time you go.

Freeze dried strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt

How they look on the inside when you have taken a bite.

The last days we have had some thunder storms, a nice change getting some rain in this Utah heat. It's still been pretty hot 89F/29C. It kinda reminds me of AZ and monsoon season, just AZ is way hotter. Hope you all are enjoying your summer. Until next time, Happy stamping.

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