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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stamping Test Fab Ur Nails Fun 9.

Here is the first test of my Fab Ur Nails plates I got in the mail yesterday. Was so exited to try using a Fab plate for the first time. I want to thank the very sweet Fab Ur Nails for giving me these plates. 
First up is FUN 9 one of the 2 Hello Kitty plates, yes I got them both. So if you don't like HK then ignore this and the next plate test post. Because next one will be HK too. But if you love Hello Kitty as much as I do then stay put. LOL.Yes, I am soon 36 years old, but who cares I still love HK. I am not ashamed to admit it.

 I applied a coat of one of my cheap Wet N Wild polishes as base, and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes/Silver Star to stamp. One of the images got a bit messed up, but that is the darn heat and running the A/C 24/7 these days. 

But what is my first impression stamping with this plate? I am amazed by the stamping quality of this plate. It's like stamping with my Dashica's or my Nailz Craze plate. And I didn't have any problems getting the images onto my soft & squishy stampers. I prefer using these stampers because my nails are very curved. 
Yes, this is my first Fab plate that I have tried. And I can see why so many of my nail friends love these plates. Really cool images that stamp AMAZING. I can't wait to do a full mani with this plate. The hard part will be picking the image I want to use first. There are SOOO many cute HK on this plate. And a few full nail images that are HK themed or just cute and go well with HK. These plates are smaller than the Dashica Big plates, but they're still packed with images. I was a bit worried that I some of these images wouldn't fit on my narrow nails. But there was no reason for me to worry, all the images I tried I got on my nails without any part of HK missing or being stamped on my cuticles instead. 

No wonder so many of my nail friends love these plates. I am very happy with this plate and it looks like I have an other favorite brand of plates, Dashica and Fab Ur Nails. I just can't wait to test the next plate.


My stamping test video.

Close up of left hand.

Close up of right hand.

Again, thank you so much Fab Ur Nails for giving me these plates. Very happy with them so far. Yes, still have to try 3 more plates but I am sure they'll stamp amazing too. 

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