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Thursday, October 10, 2013

NAS September Nail Art Kit feat. Stacie Clemons.

I have enjoyed making videos and blog posts about the NAS bag, but this month's bag is extra special to me. Why? Because the nail art guru featured this month is one of my nail friends, Stacie Clemons. She is in a few of the nail groups I am in, and she is super sweet. She loves stamping but she is amazing with free hand nail art too. And she did an amazing job creating stunning nails with the products in this month's NAS bag.

So what was in this month's bag??

Jessica polish in Cinnamon Kiss
2 sheets Cala Nail Art gold stickers
Ad Ro Rhinestones
Ad Ro 3D drop gems
Gold nail flake foil
Silver nail flake foil

I played around with the gold flake foil, not so easy to work with when you have kids hanging around. My little Grace was hanging over my shoulder and her breathing sent the flakes flying a few times. So it was a miracle that I was able to do anything with the foil at all. I cut  them into small triangles and made a Tri force, then I stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and FUN 11 for the Zelda logo.

Then because we had a meeting with my sons teacher and Special ED team, I decided to change the look of my mani again.

Used the Jessica polish and some of the stickers from this month's kit. On my ring finger I did an accent nail in Bold Gold and used my dotting tool to make 3 flowers with Cinnamon Kiss. Then on the thumb I used Bold Gold again and BM 404. Cinnamon Kiss is just stunning, I love this color. I know I will use this one quite a bit this fall and winter.

Other note, my son has been at home this whole week with a nasty cough. He went to the dr yesterday, but it hasn't developed into an infection so no antibiotics yet. But we have to keep a close eye on him, because it can develop into an ear infection or bronchitis.  Hope your week is better than mine. As always thanks for stopping by. 

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