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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SIDS Awareness Nails 2013.

A bit over a year ago I learned that a friend of mine had lost a child to SIDS, it was heartbreaking to hear that she and her family had lost a little baby girl too soon. I also had a good friend on Final Fantasy XI online who also had lost his daughter a few years ago to SIDS. So last year in October I did  SIDS awareness nails in honor of my friends and their little baby girls.
October isn't just Breast cancer awareness month, it's also SIDS's awareness month.  And I believe that SIDS should be getting as much attention as breast cancer. SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants 1 month - 1 year old, and claims the lives of about 2.500 each year in the United States alone. Can you even imagine how many lives that is if we include the rest of the world??

So what is SIDS? SIDS is marked by the sudden death of an infant that is not predicted by medical history and remains unexplained after a thorough forensic autopsy and detailed death scene investigation.
As infants are the highest risk for SIDS during sleep, it's sometimes referred to as cot or crib death.

Here is a link to a site for SIDS for information or show your support by donation:

I decided I wanted to do something simple, so I did a white French tip as base. I used Essie's Sugar Daddy and Julie G's White Orchid for the base. Then I picked out Pueen 16 and the hearts image, and 2 Dashica stamping polishes in pastel blue and pink. I didn't want to do the ribbon this time, but the hearts to symbol the love these families have for their angel babies. A love that will never fade.


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