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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My First Order From MoYou London

I know I haven't made any posts in ages. Been very stressful the last month or so, my husband has been in and out from doctors office ER and in the hospital for a week and he had 2 surgeries. He's at home now, but I have to help him a lot, and then do everything with the kids, cooking, cleaning etc.
So there hasn't been much time for me to sit down and do my nails.
Anyways, my parents were so amazing to send us some Christmas money for gifts. And for my share I decided to order some plates from MoYou London http://www.moyou.co.uk/ .
I made the order on Nov. 26 and I got them on Dec. 06 so pretty fast shipping. I got all the plates I ordered, they didn't mess up my order. I have seen a few who got wrong plates or plates were missing from their order.

I will do a testing video of these soon, but I do have a tutorial planned for the Festive plate.

Only some of my plates got the fancy cover, rest came in the standard plastic.

Landscape Collection 06

Explorer Collection 05

Festive Collection 04

Mother Nature Collection 01

Mother Nature Collection 02 w/flash

Mother Nature Collection  03

Tourist Collection 03

Tourist Collection 07

Artist Collection 05

Artist Collection 10 no flash

Artist Collection 10 w/flash

Suki Collection 01

Suki Collection 07

Suki Collection 09

So we have snow here in Salt Lake City now, it's so cold. This time of year I miss living in Arizona or in Long Beach CA. Other than that nothing much else has happened here, just have to play nurse and help my husband a lot for a bit longer. I told him you owe me in polish and nail stuff, and he laughed. We haven't even been able to get our Christmas decorations out of our storage locker. But we did get a gingerbread house kit that the kids and decorated yesterday. But hopefully we will be able to get the rest out of storage and get some Christmas in the home before Christmas comes and goes.
I will try and do a tutorial this week, but no promises since I have my hands full still. Until then as always thanks for stopping by.

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