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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stamping Test: Fab Ur Nails FUN 11 Take 2.

A while back I got 4 plates from Fab Ur Nails as a gift. One of the plates was FUN 11, I did a stamping test of that plate and just tested a few images. Later on I decided to do some Naruto nails with stamping decal. But no matter what stamper I used or what polish I used I couldn't get the whole image to transfer to my stamper. I contacted the sweet Fab Ur Nails and snapped a picture, and told her I would test all of the images. And I did, and there were more images on the plate I couldn't get onto my stamper. I tried to use different stampers and stamping polishes and didn't work. So I emailed Fab all of the pictures I had taken of the stamping test of all of the images on the plate. And she contacted her manufacturer and got them to remake the plate with some thicker lines.

Here are the pictures of the test of all of the images from the old plate.

So how did the new improved FUN 11 do? Does it stamp any better?
And will this video be better quality with a new camcorder??? Watch the video and see for your self and see if you agree with me.


Thank you, Fab Ur Nails for caring about your followers and doing your best to give us the best quality stamping plates. Amazing that you went out of your way to make this plate better.

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