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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My First Indie Polishes

Last week I saw this picture on facebook of one of my friends nails wearing this stunning polish. A blue jelly polish with loads of glitters and sparkles by Different Dimension called Da Ba Dee, my jaw dropped and I rushed over to Llarowe's site to see if they still had the polish. And they did, so I ordered that and one more called Orion Nebula.

Link to Da Ba Dee:
Orion Nebula is now Out of stock on Llarowe site, if you can get this some place else I do not know.

I got them in the mail today, and Da Ba Dee was as stunning as I was hoping. I rushed inside and started swatching, Da Ba Dee applied very well. Orion Nebula on the other hand was a pain. Hardly got any of the glitters. When I looked at the bottles I saw that Da Ba Dee also has some fine glitters mixed in with the chunky and flake glitters. While Orion Nebula only had the chunky, so I tried adding some fine pink glitter and a few drops of Floss Gloss's Dimepiece and mixed it together. After that Orion Nebula applied better and I got some glitters out of the bottle. Da Ba Dee is more pigmented than Orion Nebula, I only needed 3 coats on my nails of Da Ba Dee. But I applied 5 coats of Orion Nebula, it's still pretty. I just wish it did't take 5 coats to cover my nails.
Of the two Da Ba Dee is my favorite, it's just WOW in a bottle. I normally don't go for blues on my nails. But this one I will wear a lot over the summer, just the thought of the glitters pop like crazy in the desert sun makes me smile.

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