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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bad Day For Nail Stamping.

I guess yesterday was just one of those days..... A bad day for nails..... I was going to do two nail challenges in one mani, Inspired by my phone case & Double stamping.
So why was this a bad nail day?
First of I had just applied my white base color when I had to run and aid my 3 1/2 year old who had stumbled and hit her arm. So of course half dry nail polish and taking care of a crying girl who was having a fit because she had bumped her arm and being cross at her great grandmother who was nagging at her to come to her when she wanted mommy. So of course that left my polish with dents and half peeled off on some nails, so had to remove it all and start over.
I got my background done with an Indie grey stamping polish I made of what I had on hand and Dashica's Dash 18, and found some images on a few MoYou plates for the flowers and a leaf image and picked started stamping with Dashica Black and Pink stamping polish.
Applied top coat and some crystals, but wasn't happy with the final look at all.
1 stamping try result.

So I removed it straight away and started again from scratch. But this time I picked Shany's XXL Image plate 2 for the flower and leaf image. And just placed them randomly on my nails. Still not 100& happy with these but I like the 2nd try nails better than the first try nails. I may keep them for a day or two, before they drive me crazy and I remove them.

Just in case you were wondering all of the items I used in this mani: All the items used in this mani:
Orly Pointe Blanche 
HK Girl Fast drying top coat
Dashica Dash 18
Dashica stamping polish in Pink & Black
Grey polish mix of Sinful Colors Snow Me White & Wet N Wild Black Creme
Shany XXL 2/B plate
Squishy XL replacement stamper head from Fab Ur Nails
Silver Cap from Fab Ur Nails
Swarovski crystals from Michael's (US craft store).

2nd stamping result

Youtube tutorial of these nails.

 My nails and my phone case

 Just the stamped nails

With Swarovski crystals

So why don't I like them? They're too busy looking for my taste, if I saw these on someone elses nails I would go OMG those are so stunning. But then after starting blogging, youtube and doing challenges in FB nail groups I am happy to do nail looks that pulls me out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone is boring in the long run, just simple classic and elegant looking nails. In red, plums, purples and naturals colors, you see a lot of the same shades in my polish collection. I tell myself I have to start picking some more bold colors to add to my collection. I just need a good old kick in the butt to do so. LOL 

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