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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Closer Look At & Stamping Test Of DRK Nails Designer 1 & 2 Plates.

I got some super fast nail mail today, I got the 2 new DRK Nails Designer plates.
These were sent to me by Katia one of the designers behind the DRK plates. Thank you, so much Katia for sending me these plates to test and review for my followers.
Katia sent me these from CA on Tuesday July 15th and I got them today Thursday July 17th, that was indeed very fast shipping.

DRK Nails is not a new brand of plates, they have 4 older plates (DRK A-D). Those plates used to be sold by ninja polish but since that site closed down there hasn't been any other place to buy them from.
But that has now changed DRK Nails is back and with their own website where you can buy the new plates and all the old plates. They also have stampers and stamping polishes and some nail polish brands as Hits and Jade. DRK is short from the nicknames of the 2 designers behind this brand Dri and KK.

I was never able to get any of the older plates, but they have been on my wish list for ages. I have always heard positive words about this brand. Everyone I know who own the older plates love them. Because the image size is bigger and the stamping quality is amazing.

There are more new plates from DRK Nails coming soon, I know some of the details about those plates. And all I can say is I can't wait to see them. 

Now onto the review of these 2 plates.

These are the same size as MoYou London and Infinity Nails by Dashica. The only difference when it comes to size is in the backing of the DRK plate. The backing is the same thick hard plastic, but it's a bit bigger than on the MoYou and Infinity Nails backing.
Each individual image measures 2x2 cm but they are all tied together into one large image. But there are no harsh lines in between each image, the transition from one image to the next "flows" very nicely so you can use one image or combine images. 

For the stamping test I used Konad stamping polish in Black. And the stampers I used was XL stamper with the marshmallow replacement head from Fab Ur Nails and the Magno XL stamper. 

Stamping Test video

Pictures of DRK Designer 1 swatches.

Pictures of the DRK Designer 2 swatches.

So what is m thoughts of these plates after testing each image? I have to say I can understand why people love DRK plates. The images are bigger, and they have amazing stamping quality. You can do stamping decals or leadlight stamping technique  with a lot of these images if you want. You can combine images, because there is no harsh line between the images that will ruin the look. I for sure have to add the older plates to my collection, because all I can say is WOW and YAY.  And I can't wait to see the next plates DRK Nails will release in a few weeks. I don't have any problems at all recommending these 2 plates to anyone. There isn't anything bad to say about them, they are made of good quality metal, have good backing, the size of the image is great and they stamp AMAZING. Yes, I know I have said it a few times but they are great plates to have in your collection.

Thanks again, Katia for the plates.
And thanks to my readers for stopping by.
Happy stamping.

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