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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bestie Nails Collaboration

Since I joined Adventures In Stamping on facebook in 2012 I have met some amazing and talented nail buddies from all over the world.

I teamed up with my nail sisters Opal and Mariana to do some bestie nails. Opal has a youtube channel, she has some really great videos about stamping, water marbling and some free hand nail art too.Opal's youtube channel

And Mariana, a girl of my age and mother of two beautiful girls is a very talented blogger who has a Spanish blog about stamping. She has step by step blog post of her with pictures and text in Spanish. So if your first language is Spanish and you're on a hunt for a good nail blog you should go and check out her blog. Mariana aka Stamping queen's blog

So the 3 of us decided to do our first bestie nails on a black holographic base and use Pueen 55 (Buffet set) and the leafy image on that plate.

 I don't have a black holographic polish, but I made my own using Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris that I added some SpectraFlair too. SpectraFlair is a holographic pigment you can add to your polish to make your own holo nail polish.
I wanted to do a gradient stamping but it was clearly not my day for doing that, I kept messing up bad. Yeah, even tho I have been stamping for a few years now I still have bad stamping days.
So I decided to just go with one color, so I picked Dashica's Lilac stamping polish.
But I was happy with the result anyways, my base isn't as holo as the holo polishes from Color Club. So I think if I did the gradient the holo effect would "get lost" under the gradient image and wouldn't have had the same effect as I would have liked. But then that is my opinion and I know I normally have to kick myself in the butt before I do anything outside my comfort zone on my nails. I do not wear black polish that often, but since it's a holo why not.
youtube tutorial of my nails

So here they all are, and I have to say my 2 stamping sisters did an awesome job. Their nails look amazing. And I think I have to go ahead and buy one of these Color Club black holos for myself.

Mariana's Nails

Opal's Nails
Opal used: Color Club Beyond, Mundo De Unas stamping polishes in Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Green, Turquoise and Fucsia.

My Franken Black polish with SpectraFlair
(You can barely see the holo effect, but it's there but very subtle)

I want to thank my two stamping sisters Opal and Mariana for doing this with me, and hope we can do this again soon. This was so much fun.
As always thanks for stopping by.

Happy stamping!!!

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