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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pueen Encore SE01B Collaboration With Lucie Aka Loving Nails

Lucie's nails to the left & mine to the right.

About two months ago I asked Lucie aka Loving Nails if she wanted to do a collaboration video with me for our youtube channels. She said yes, and we have been chatting on FB about what to do and what plates to use. We finally got got down to do the collab after we both ordered and got our Pueen Encore sets.
We agreed to use Pueen SE01B and 3 parts of the plate.

My youtube video tutorial of each step.

I painted all of my nails white with Orly Pointe Blanche, then I applied 1 thin coat of matte top coat and let it dry before I pulled out my acrylic paints. The acrylic paints I used was FolkArt in Lavender and Parisian Pink. Then I used my fan brush I got in a brush kit from Dashica and loaded the brush half way with each color and painted my nails with a side to side motion to create a gradient. When the acrylic paint had dried I pulled out the Pueen plate, my Dashica stamping polish in Black and my XL stamper with the marshmallow replacement head from Fab Ur Nails (that I ordered from llarowe). 10 minutes later I applied a thin coat of the matte top coat again and added some crystals with my Crystal Katana (by Crystal Ninja) on my ring finger. 

Lucie's nails.

My nails 

This was my 2nd collab nails in very short time. But both of them was so fun to do. I hope I get to do some again soon. And all the girls did amazing jobs on their nails too. 
I feel so blessed to have met so many sweet girls from around the world who loves nails just as much as I do. 

Thank you, Lucie for doing this collab with me.

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