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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Review Of Marianne Nails Image Plates.

A few weeks back I was able to join my first image plate group buy in AIS. The image plates are a French brand called Marianne Nails. They are designed in France by a very sweet girl named  Ghislaine.
First I only signed up for 5 of the normal sized plates but when I saw the images on the XXL plate I asked my hubby very nicely if I could order that plate too. And he said yes, so with joy I ordered the XXL plate with the 5 normal plates.

The Marianne Nails XXL 1 plate is a great deal if you have limited funds, it is packed with so many pretty images. There are are full nail images and individual images, and so many different styles of images for any types. There are flowers, butterflies, fairies, French tip, some holiday images, girly images etc. The price for the XXL plate is  €23.90  The normal plates are  €6.50 and there are some plates that are a series of plates (Asian, Manga, Flowers, Animal, Paris etc). They are the same shape and size as MoYou and Infinity Nails plates, and they have the same type of thick plastic backing but in pink. And every Friday they release 5 new plates.

Here is the link to Marianne Nails website, they have International shipping.
One thing you should know about Marianne Nails, they only make 200 of each plate. And once it's sold out they will not remake the plates. So I guess you can call them all limited edition plates. If there are any plates you like and want to buy I wouldn't wait too long to buy them. You may risk not being able to get them at all.
There is also a Marianne Nails facebook page where Ghislaine shares all news and new plate previews.

Here are the close up videos of these plates.

Closer Look At: Marianne Nails XXL 1

Closer Look at: Marianne Nails (normal sized plates)

And here are the stamping test videos.

Stamping test XXL 

Stamping Test normal sized plates

Of all of the images I tested there was only one image that I couldn't get to stamp. I tried it with 2 different stamping polishes and tried using all of my different types of stampers. And still it wouldn't pick up the whole image. I have shown pictures of all of the stampers to Ghislaine and she will replace my plate. And that shows that she cares about her product and customers, so I give her and the plates 2 thumbs up.

I have a very limited budget when it comes to anything nail related, I can't buy as much as other bloggers and youtubers out there. So I have to save up before I can buy more of these pretty plates, and hopefully the plates I want won't sell out.
I have a few manis ideas in my head using some of these plates, and I hope to have one tutorial up in a day or two. The first one will be stamping decal and free hand acrylic painting. Hopefully it ends up looking like I want it to...... 

Thank you Ghislaine, for designing these amazing looking plates and for the nice chats I have had with you.
I can not wait to see more of your beautiful plates. 

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