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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BuNa-A By Bunny Nails Review

I got this surprise in my mail box the other day. An image plate with a cute little note from Bunny Nails.
If you haven't heard of Bunny Nails she has facebook page. She is a very talented stamper with the most amazing looking natural long nails I have seen. I normally don't like too long nails on people, but she always has these amazing manis on her nails that just takes your breath away.
She has her own line of stamping plates Bunny Nails Store, they look amazing so I have wanted to try one of her plates.
Because of her kind heart I was finally able to try out one of her image plats. She sent me BuNa-A as a gift, so sweet of her. This plate has some amazing looking full nail images on it and they are so big. They are 2x2.5 scm, then there is one special full nail image that is 4x4 cm. Even tho the plate doesn't have a backing on it, it's not as sharp on the edges as the cheap plates you get from ebay,AE,bornprettystore etc.
The plate itself is as big as the FUN plates from Fab Ur Nails.

Closer Look at video

For the stamping test I used Wet N Wild Black Creme as stamping polish. And my XL stamper with the squishy marshmallow replacement head from Fab Ur Nails. 
Now about the stamping quality of these images, one word they are AMAZING. I didn't have any problems with any of the images. Yes, sometimes I wasn't fast enough with my stamping (darn A/C) but each image was picked up and with every detail of the image so crisp and clear. 

Stamping test video

Yes, I know these plates cost more than Konad, Bundle Monster, Cheeky, MoYou etc. But these plates are bigger and has bigger full nail images on them. You have to pay a bit more for these Indie brand plates, but if you're unlike me who doesn't have a limited budget for nail art and nail polishes then I can highly recommend this plate. I  myself have to save up to buy some of the other plates that Bunny Nails has released. And hopefully I can buy one or two of her plates soon, I already know what plates I want next (BuNa-B, and then her HD Halloween and Christmas plates they look amazing) 

As always thank you for stopping by.
Happy stamping.

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