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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Roses, I Can't Ever Get Tired Of Them.

I was in the mood for a simple but elegant mani and some pink nails.
So I painted my nails with 3 coats of Maybelline Pink Embrace, and applied a coat of topcoat as always before I start stamping or do any nail art.
Then I looked at my plates and saw this really delicate but very girly rose image on Marianne Nails 49.
So I pulled out my Dashica stamping polish in Pink. I love Shirley's stamping polishes. I have only tried some Konad and Dashica and between the two Dashica stamping polishes are great.
They tend to separate after a while but I add 2 mixing balls to them. So it's easy to get them blended again with a good shake.

Back to the stamping, I stamped 4 nails on each hand with the rose image. but left one without any stamping to have an accent nail with some gems and a ring. The crystals are the ones I got from banggood.com and the gold ring is from bornprettystore.com. I just used my topcoat as glue and applied the decals with my Crystal Katana, before sealing everything in with a last coat of topcoat.

youtube tutorial

Final look

I love Marianne Nails plates, there are so many cute image plates. My Marianne Nails plate wish list is getting long. Not as long as MoYou or Dashica but they haven't released as many plates yet. I am sure the Marianne Nails list will grow longer very quickly.
I went to Dollar Tree and got some cheap little containers to keep some of my nail goodies in, and I found better containers for my banggood gems. And I can store the stamper heads in the old container that used to hold the gems. Not my own idea to keep the stampers in there, a girl in AIS posted a picture of her stamper heads in the very same container. And I just knew that I had to start keeping mine in there once my gems got a new home. I also got some more plastic baskets in different sizes, I had gotten a few over the last 2 months and they were perfect to keep all of my tools and nail art items in so of course I had to go back and get more before they sold out. And of course since hubby and grandmother in-law will buy me a desk and a Helmer from Ikea to keep all of my nail stuff. I have started to plan how to organize things more than before. Oh, I can't wait..........

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