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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Nail Art Stash Storage, How It Looks Today.

I can't wait to get my desk and Helmer for my nail stuff. I hope I don't have to wait too long.
I have a tiny area for my nail stuff, and try to find ways to organize.
I keep all of my nail polishes in 4 shoe boxes, yes I don't have that much polish. The joy of limited budget for nail stuff.....
I keep all my nail care tools, and most nail art items and tools in one drawer. I found these plastic baskets at Dollar Tree in June and I can stack 2 baskets on top of each other.

Top L to R: Acrylic paints, Dotting tools, brushes, Files & buffers.

Front long basket clippers, cuticle nippers etc.

The 2 baskets under on the top row are my nail tips, swatch rings and sticks
And the other is filled with nail foils from Dollarnailart and Bundle Monster

My crystals, some glitters and other nail decoration wheels 

The home to my 4 XXL plates, Dashica Big SdP and a bunch of sets.
Also have 1 Bundle Monster binder of plates. But I have to find a better way to store my plates. This thing is getting so darn heavy, and I don't know how many times I have broken nails trying to lift this thing.....
Got the container from granny in-law, and she got it at some office supply store.

In this old box I have all my MoYou, Infinity Nails,
Marianne Nails, DRK, FUN,BuNa-A, Jr plates and all
of my Dashica SdP plates.

At the start of the video you can see my old stamper storage.
My stamper collection has grown so I had to move them to a bigger 
plastic container.

Yesterday I went back to Dollar Tree and picked up more of the plastic containers. Just to start to organize my stash one step at the time.
Because I hated the stacking pill boxes for my crystals from banggood I knew I had to find a new
container for them. But the stackable container got another use, to hold my stamper heads. And I got another pack of the stackable container, 1 wasn't enough. I think I need 1 more. 
Got this idea from a girl in AIS who had the same holder, I can't remember your name, but big thanks for the idea to store the stamper heads (sure beats keeping them in a ziplock bag).  The other container on the left holds my stamper handles.

I found this little drawer container for my stampers, baskets has new
never used XL stampers that I hoped was squishy ones.

This sure looks better than the old crappy box, still just a temporary storage for my
plates since it's full already.

And finally my banggood crystals new home, no more accidental spilling all of them out like I did in the stackable pill container.......

I have a few more containers just waiting to be filled, but no place to put them right now so..........
I just hope I don't have to wait too long before I can go to Ikea and get my desk and Helmer. I know what desk I want already, the only one I can fit in our apartment. I just want to be able to store all of m stuff nicely and be able to have a comfy place to sit and do my nails and make my tutorials.Right now I am sitting in a camping chair next to a little side table. And it is killing my neck to sit like this....
But hope you like this post, if you have a Dollar Tree near you or something similar go and check them out for cheap and nice things to store your nail items.

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