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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Sweater Nails 2014.

Time for some stamping nail art. My nails are so short, but still I wanted to do a tutorial on youtube.
And as I promised in the 10,1 Polish Review post I would do some nail art using those polishes.

I wanted to do some Christmas sweater nails using Bunny Nails HD-I, it's such a pretty Christmas plate. I think she sold out of the plate, but will still add the link to her Bunny Nails page. She has more awesome looking plates on there.

youtube tutorial.

I used La Femme stamping polish in White and my Creative Shop Stamper. I let the image be on the stamper to make a stamping decal.  I decided to use two of the Icing polishes from 10.1 Polish in Kiwi Delight and Cherry Blast. I filled in areas of the image with the 2 colors, and let it dry for a few before adding another coat. Because the 10.1 Polishes are tints you only get a hint of color on the first coat. But the more coats you add, the color will become more vibrant. You just keep adding coats until you have the color effect you're after. Then when it's dry you apply topcoat and let it dry for a while. Then you gently peel it off your stamper, flip it over to the other side and let it rest on the stamper while you apply a clear nail polish or slow drying topcoat. Then you take the decal and place it onto your nail while the clear polish/topcoat is still wet, that will act as a glue. Gently tap the decal on your nail to straighten it out and make it even. Cut off pieces of the decal that is outside the outline of your nail. And apply your favorite topcoat to seal in the decal and give your nail a nice shine.

The left one is over a clear swatch stick, the right is over a white polished base.

Hope you liked this one. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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