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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Woohoo!!!! New Stampers From Marianne Nails.

Happy New Year!!!

First blog post of 2015 is a review of a stamper set and some replacement heads I got from Marianne Nails.
I was so lucky I got the most amazing nail mail from Marianne Nails. Thank you, dear Ghislaine for all the pretties. All these plates and then some stampers. One she wanted me to just try out and give feedback to her so she can decide if she wants to sell it or not. And then the XL stamper and the heads she wanted me to do a review of. When you go to Marianne Nails it will be in French so click on the menu selection on the left and hit Accessoires Tampons et raclettes, that will take you to the stampers. When you order these you will get the full stamper set with stamper handle, 1 stamper head and 2 plastic scrapers. Inside the handle I got the pink, then the replacement heads I got was in Purple, Clear and Dark Grey. I didn't "prime" any of these stamper heads before I tested them out.

Marianne Nails nail mail.

Full stamper set

The test video.

Fits really snug in the handle, doesn't fall out. I can pull on it and it takes a few gentle pulls before it falls out.

Hugs my nail when I press down, it's not as soft as some of the stampers I have.

Left Fab Ur Nails is marshmallow soft

The marianne Nails one isn't as soft as Fab's

 Left is MoYou my softest and stickiest stamper

MoYou one is super soft.

And how well white stamping polish show on these stamper heads from Marianne Nails.

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