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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Knock Out!!

I had a good plan for last week, I had a freehand Valentine's Day Nail tutorial in mind. Monday night I pampered my nails, soaked them, oiled and lotioned, filed and buffed them. All ready for the next day to paint them and have some fun with some acrylic paints.
Tuesday I wake up with the worst cold/flu and I have been knocked out since. Tho last night I was tired and depressed looking at my nails for the 3rd day. So I decided to do something easy. I painted them 2 coats with Sinful Colors Snow Me White, then I grabbed 3 of the Love Bites Collection polishes from 10.1 Polish in; Green-Eyed Monster, Love Bites and Bruised Ego. And did a Distressed Nails look, meaning you wipe off most of the polish from the brush, and apply to your nail. Loos really cool if you do 2-4 colors. More than that I think it starts to look too busy. I applied my topcoat and decided I wanted some decorations too, so I grabbed some Geostuds in Gold I got from dollarnailart and some crystals in Deep Purple from banggood.com. And applied them with my Crystal Katana, the best tool to apply your nail decorations (not to be used with glitter).

Final look.

So far kids are not sick, just husband, granny in-law and me. All 3 of us knocked out. Not been a fun week at all, that is for sure. Now, to make another cup of tea with honey and crawl back to bed. At least I managed to finish another Jo Nesbø book on audible, have 3 more to enjoy.

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