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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Practice, Practice, Practice.

I first got into nail art in 2009, I was siting in an apartment in Long Beach watching youtube videos. And there was this video of a girl stamping Hello Kitty on her nails, that is how my stamping journey started. But it didn't end there later in 2010 I stumbled over another youtube video, of this nail tech doing stunning onestroke flowers on nails. And my dream of becoming a nail tech one day was born, and my dream/goal of one day mastering the art of onestroke painting on nails had started. I started with just getting a few colors of acrylic paint and some brushes. I then realized it looks so much easier on youtube than it is real life.....
Also my never ending hunt for the perfect brush for my nails (so darn narrow) and with the correct softness in brush hairs for onestroke. I am still huntng for it.......
Needless to say a few years have gone by and I have practiced my painting skills and not shown any of my MANY failed tries. The worst have been getting the brush strokes to go all smooth and master all the different flower petal shapes. Then getting them small enough to fit on nails, they always ended up way too big on paper.

Anyways I stayed up mostly all night last night and practiced again. And for the first time since 2010 I have decided to show what I did..... LOL

I've only been able to do this size or even bigger ones.

Tried my best to make a smaller one...

And one more even smaller than that, was tricky getting as many petals I wanted
and in the correct size.

Decided to try and paint on a long nail tip., this was my first time 
painting on a false nail only done on paper until now.

Having carpal tunnel too, makes it harder to hold the paint brush and do the correct brush movements to make the petals. I need more practice before I can try and do this on my own  nails. Don't ask how much time I spent painting these flowers on the paper and false nail.But I am not giving up, I will keep practicing. Hopefully it won't take too long for me to get better in doing onestroke. So for now you have to wait a bit longer for my tutorial of onestroke nailart.

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