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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunshine And Rainbows

I have to say I feel really blessed that I get asked to review image plates or nail polishes. It's only been a year since I first was sent image plates to review. And I haven't been sent as many products as other nail bloggers or nail youtube gurus, but each time I feel so humble and honored that they consider my reviews to be valid. Why? Because the nail art community is so BIG, and my youtube, facebook or instagram followers numbers aren't that high.
But still I know my youtube channel, instagram, facebook or blog wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for my kind hearted partners that consider my reviews to be good enough for their products.

So when Kelly asked if I wanted to do a review of her Spring/Easter collection I again felt so humbled and honored. And I got them last week, I just had to finish the swatching of the Nail Hoot Lacquers swatches.
I have known about this collection from Kelly for a while, she spilled the beans for me a few weeks back. And I was so exited and have been waiting like crazy to get my hands on these. And why is that you ask? Because not only did she release a collection of pastels, but she added a twist to this collection. Each polish has a stunning metallic shimmer to them, and when the light hits your nails you can see the effect really well. I went to Walmart the other day with 2 of the colors on my nails, and I got a few compliments on the colors.

10.1 Polishes are five-free polishes, they apply really nice and dry pretty fast. And Kelly is a sweetheart, always a bonus.

Thank you so much, Kelly for the honor to review your nail polishes. I feel so blessed an humbled to call you as a friend. I love ya, girl.

This collection by 10.1 Polish is called Sunshine and Rainbows, lol sounds like an episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. But who cares, I don't because we love MLPFIM in this household.
You can find 10.1 Polish on facebook.

Anyhow back to the topic.....
So in this collection there are 6 colors, you can buy them individually. All in very light Spring colors, the only one that isn't a true pastel color is Morning Sunshine. It's a bit too bright to be a pastel, it's still a pretty yellow for Spring season. Also because my skin tone is medium olive, I needed 3 coats on most of these shades. When I applied 2 coats you could still see the smile line on my nails. If your skin tone is lighter than mine 2 coats may be enough for you.

 youtube video of this collection.

Mr Blue Sky is a pastel sky blue color, and you can see the shimmering metallic effect really well in this one. I applied 3 coats over my base coat. I also tested something on my thumbnail over this and Sugar Kisses, I applied 2 coats of Orly's Shine On Crazy Diamond to see if the effect from 10.1 polish would fade. And let me tell you, it didn't If you see in the video when I show close-up of Mr Blue Sky and Sugar Kisses you can see the glitter from the Orly polish. And you can see that metallic shimmer effect  in the 10.1 polishes shine through that Orly polish. 

Sugar Kisses this pastel bubble gum pink is just so pretty. I am not really a pink girl I am very picky about my pink colors, but I like this one. I did  2 coats and again you can see the metallic shimmer effect really well in this one.

Lilac Fields this pastel lilac color is really pretty, the metallic shimmer gets a bit washed out in this one compared to Sugar Kisses and Mr Blue Sky. But you can still see it, it's not like you need a magnifying glass to see it.... LOL... I did  2 coats of this one.

Morning Sunshine this isn't a true pastel yellow, it's a bit too bright for that. But it's still a pretty yellow color. Compared to my China Glaze Sunshine Pop that I don't like on my nails at all. I do not mind this one at all, even tho they are quite similar. Why? Because of the metallic shimmer effect, I just like what it does to the color. I did 3 coats of this on my nails.

Springtime Carpet, this pastel green is just stunning, I loved it right away when I saw it. As with pinks I am very picky with my greens as well. I got compliments on this one and Sweet Sherbet when I went to Walmart the other day, yes I was wearing one color on each hand. I did  3 coats of this on my nails.

Sweet Sherbet this is my favorite in the collection, it got my attention as soon as I pulled it out of the box. It looks a bit washed out on the picture and in the video. I will be wearing this color quite a bit this spring. I did 3 coats on my nails.

On other note, my family got 2 new members added to it. 2 little girl guinea pigs. Floppy (her ears are folded over) and Fluffy, been spending a lot of time this last week to get them used to all of us and settled in. They've decided I must be their huge guinea pig mommy, because they go crazy when I hold them. Floppy is the most vocal one, she is loud when she goes nuts. She squeals very happily when I hold her or go near the cage. My 4 year old loves her Fluffy, my 8 year old who is autistic needs to be told to sit down and spend time with his Floppy. But so far so good, he thinks it's really funny when Floppy poops on him or me. Their cage is right behind me where I do my nails and record my videos so there will be times you can hear them in the videos..

Left is Fluffy 
Right is Floppy

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