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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Touch Of Elegance

I wanted something simple but elegant on my nails. So I decided to do a look that also can be used as bridal nails. So if you're getting married and don't know what to do on your nails, then keep reading.

I applied Bliss Kiss Simply Peel around my cuticles for easy clean up, it's a peel off base with latex, But not pure latex so the smell isn't as bad as pure liquid latex. Plus it has glitter in it so it sparkles once it's dry.
I used Orly Deja Vu as my base color, I applied 2 thin coats.
Then I grabbed my Marianne Nails n01 and Funky Fingers Gesso as my stamping polish.
I am using the clear stamper head I got from Fab Ur Nails in her cap stamper handle. And stamped all my nails. Then I applied Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast drying topcoat and peeled off Simply Peel and used my sable hair cleanup brush from Fab Ur Nails and polish remover to clean any leftover polish on my skin and cuticles.
Then I selected the 3D nail decoration from aliexpress and my Akzents Bling On UV/LED light gel. This gel is to attach any 3D nail decorations, if you're loving Swarovski crystals like I do. This gel is safe for the Swarovski crystals, it won't ruin the sparkle effect in the crystals. You need a UV or LED light to cure the gel. If you have UV curing  lamp you have to cure it for 3 minutes, LED lamp for 60 seconds. I used my Crystal Katana to place and adjust the decoration onto my nail, it is the best pickup tool for crafts and nail art. Since I have a 12W LED I cured the gel for 60 seconds.

youtube tutorial.

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