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Monday, January 14, 2013

January bag from Nail Art Society.

I went out to the mail box and saw the black padded envelope from NAS. But to my horror it was wide open, so I cursed the mail man and ran back inside and jumped on my laptop and logged on fb to see if anyone had posted their bags to see if I was missing any items. When I logged on NAS page on fb I saw they had made a post: NAS Bags - HI NAS members! It has been brought to our attention that the seal of the black mailers that we sent our KITs out in for Jan had an issue with the seal... We recently switched the size and company from which we bought these and are looking into correcting this. We apologize for any issues this may have caused you and are immediately rectifying the situation... If have had any issues with the bag, please contact us at 877.665.5238 or email us at info@nailartsociety.com :)  I tried calling the toll free number, but guess they were busy handling call from other members, so sent an email, telling them what was in my bag inc the card. I got a reply like 10 minutes later saying what was missing in my bag was the Swarovski crystals and they would send me new ones right away.
I saw on fb that others got email replies back saying they would get the items missing in their bags replaced too.
But I still decided to make the video and blog post even tho I am missing an item and a card or two. Giving NAS two thumbs up for their customer service. If you had any doubt signing up for this monthly nail bag, I hope this will help you decide. Just the way they handled this month's bag. Amazing. Yes, I know they raised the price $19.95  per month, it's up to you to decide if it's worth that.  I think it's a good way to try out new brands of polish, the last 3 bags I got all had polish brands I hadn't tried before.

Ohhh, just look!! If you join this month you get a New year special 50% off bringing your kit down to $9.95 for the lifetime of your membership. Just enter this code NAS10 at checkout.

Now onto this month's bag.
This is my first polish from Layla and my first magnetic polish. Never had that WOW I have to have a magnetic polish rush, but I want to try it once and see how I like it. But I want to try their holographic polishes, but they cost more. The magnetic color I got: Turquoise Wave.

Then I got some nail art tweezers (always good to have), I have been using some big medical tweezers for my nail art. The last item in my bag was a bottle of Cheri black nail art striper, you can always use one of those.

And the item missing in my bag was Swarovski crystals, but they will send me new ones since mine got lost. Also I think I am missing 2 cards, the one that describes the items you get in this month's bag and the nail art card.

If you want to check out this out, here's the link below.


Thank you, for stopping by and reading my little blog posts.


  1. My package was half opened too, fortunately, everything was inside. Layla nail polish made the bag worth its price again ;-) Too bad I already have that color :'(

  2. What color did you get?
    I'm still happy with these bags. Hoping my replacement crystals will get her soon. Just amazed by their customer service.