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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Nail Art Society Bag for March.

Getting this bag was a loooooooooooooong wait, 2 weeks. I normally get my  bags the 12th or 13th every month. But those two days came and went And I posted on NAS facebook page that I hadn't gotten my bag yet, it was really sad to see that I wasn't the only one who hadn't gotten their bag. I got a reply on my post that it could take up to 5 days for me to get my bag, the 5th day of waiting came and went by and still no sign of my bag. So I made an other post telling that my bag still hadn't shown up, and the tracking hadn't been updated since the 11th. And reading the tracking my bag never left California.
The reply was they were so sorry and they would look into what had happened. And that I would get new and updated tracking info on my bag. On the second day with no new email about the new tracking information I made yet an other post. A few hours later I saw an email from one of the partners of NAS saying he was so sorry about what had happened. That he would make sure that they would  send out a new bag, with some extra products in it and that they would refund the the fee for this month's bag to my account. Yesterday I saw that the $ 9.95 was back in my account and today the black padded envelope was in my mailbox.

I saw on facebook that there was a few subscribers that was unhappy with this month's bag. This bag didn't have a polish in it. But a packet of nail polish strips and 5 different nail art decals. So was this really worth the $19.95 (for those who didn't sign up from the start or when they were running the special lifetime membership fee at $ 9.95).????

If I got my bag when I was supposed to I guess it would look like something like this....

The items in this month's bag:
Nail Fraud nail polish strips
NAS colored bee bee balls
NAS fruit nail art
NAS fabric flower nail art
3D Ceramic flowers
3D Bead Drop Nail Art

But since mine never got sent out they put together a new bag for me with extra items. So my bag looked like this

So what is my opinion of this month's bag??? 
MEEEH!!! And yes, really MEEEEH!!!!

There are sites you can get really cheap nail art decorations (beads, fimo, rhinestones etc.) And you can get nicer looking nail art strips from Sally Hansen $ 7.50 (Walmart) or Kiss Nails 5.97 (also at Walmart). The nail strips in NAS bag are from Nail Fraud and I looked at their site, one packet cost $ 12.00 and right now they only have 4 designs up in their store.


I my self would have been way happier to get a polish, than a packet of 20 nail strips.  And if I wanted to buy a packet of nail strips I would choose SH or Kiss, the ones I have seen in stores from these brands have looked nicer then the ones from Nail Fraud. Also they are cheaper, and I think the one from Kiss has a few more strips in it than these from Nail Fraud. But I don't buy these things because it would be a waste for me. In general I do my nails and I keep the polish and nail art on for 1-2 days. And a lot of times only for a few hours. I will however apply these strips on one of my hands and leave them on and do a review on how long they last before chipping. So stay tuned.

Moving on to the different types of nail decorations.....

First of: the tiny beads, I never got into the whole Caviar nail thing. I guess the reason was with a 2 year old in the house she would be on my lap 24/7 trying to peel/bite off the beads on my nails........ LOL.

The fimo's I know you can get kits with 30,50, 100 fimo sticks in all kinds of designs on ebay and other sites for a really cheap price (Shany cosmetics has a kit with 200 canes and a cutter for $ 10.00).

The 3D ceramic flowers, I just got a wheel with a few in different colors and shapes from Shany for 3.00 think it has like 48 ceramic flowers in it.

As for the fabric flowers or the 3D drops, not sure if I would have picked them out on my own. So I have to say that this month's bag has been the first bag I'm not happy with. Like I said I would have been happier to get a bottle of polish than the strips.

There are going to be some changes in NAS, they announced that it will cost 9.95 for everybody. And some other information. If you go to :


You can see that NAS's founder Tia has made a few posts about what we can expect from NAS in the next months. One of the changes is that there won't be a polish every months. And I have seen some post that because of that they will end their subscription from NAS. I am willing to give them a try for 2-4 more months before I decide to stay or leave. What would I love to get in a bag? Oh, I would say some of those really cool looking jeweled hearts, crowns, etc. you see on Asian girls (K-pop stars to mention one.)

Thank you for stopping by.
And I wish you all a Happy Easter or if you're on Spring Break, Have fun!!!

Until next time


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